Is Apple’s New IMac Will Be Shown With VR Features?

Will Apple’s new iMac be shown with VR features?

Will Apple’s new iMac be shown with VR features?

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On 7th of December Apple reported about launch of its new iMac 2017, which may appear with VR Ready and 5K Display. It is expected that Apple’s new desktop will be supported with VR features. In this way Apple replies to the increasing acceptance of Virtual Reality.

During many years supporters of PC have been interested in VR world. So for this reason VR-ready features for new iMac desktop will draw attention of many buyers. The new iMac will be provided with high frame rates and 5120×2880 pixels screen, which is accompanied with the iMac’s not standard card. This is not the best combination for Virtual Reality gaming.

VR games will not fit to this system for the most part due to the limited of GPU. If Apple’s new desktop will feature with VR quality, it is expected that it will certainly use a real desktop GPU. Due to this Apple will guarantee VR harmony in relationship with iMac 2017.

Right now, the minimum graphics card capable of VR gaming on the AMD Radeon lineup is the AMD Radeon R9 290.

Only Apple can give the answer to the question if the iMac 2017 will run VR features. Now, all buyers can do is to wait for the tech giant to unveil the next generation desktops.

The suspected date of new iMac 2017 launching will be early next year, more precisely in March.