YouTube VR Gives Tools To Build The Best VR Content

YouTube VR Gives Tools To Build the Best VR Content

YouTube VR Gives Tools To Build the Best VR Content

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The major broadcasting channel YouTube participates at Sundance Film Festival.The festival has already started on 19th of January 2017 and will last till 29th of January 2017. The ceremony takes place in the following areas; Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance and Utah, USA.

During first days of the festival, the Upload VR representative has spoken with Jamie Byrne, who works as Director, Global Creator and Enterprise Partnerships at YouTube, about YouTube’s virtual reality development. Byrne told that they are working to provide such virtual reality content that users want to return back for VR.

YouTube is open to accept interesting VR content from creators from various angles of the world. Many VR content creators build and experimental VR experiences to observe what is working in VR sphere as there are no boundaries and standards in VR.

During the talk, Jamie Byrne added that their aim is to provide all necessary options and tools for VR creators to implement the coolest stuff.

Byrne operates with his VR team with Google to provide creators the tools to build the most interesting VR projects for the public. Byrne told that they are eager to get the VR experiences that they have never seen before and YouTube team wants to be accessible on as many VR platforms as possible.